Friday, January 30, 2015

Hudson + Natalie @ UMMA | Part 2 | Ann Arbor, MI Wedding Photographer

Hudson + Natalie

After the romantic ceremony, the bridal party, my second shooter, Kristy, and I headed outside to what was the golden end to our Michigan fall.  In Law Quad at University of Michigan, the colors were on full display.  By this time of year, the autumnal reds and oranges among the trees are long gone, but the last colors to fade are these beautiful yellows!

Aren't they stunning?  Just classic.

Gotta shout out to Kristy for this shoe shot (and many others)!
Natalie's bridesmaids were so fun and effortlessly beautiful to photograph.

You gotta love the guys, when its post ceremony and their just starting to get goofy.

Now, if I had a study spot like THIS on my college campus, I probably would have studied more. Maybe...    Its just breathtaking!
The crew was treated well and had loads of their favorites on playlist - we are pumped up to get the celebrating started!  ( )

Reception took place inside the beautiful, historic UMMA (this portion built in 1910).  It was such a neat concept to have a reception here.  Guests were able to wander to many areas to view collections on display.  It also served as the perfect venue for a surprise that was up the FOB's sleeve!

Kristy and I weren't totally expecting this (along with a few others) shot, but their reaction to Two Foot Creative's design and implementation of their reception, was PRICELESS.    As the walked into the UMMA, they were truly in awe and so pleased with what came of all their planning!  It was a very sweet request of theirs to be the first to see it all, before everyone came into the reception area.  I hope more couples plan time to do this, more often.

The rich golds from outside and the girls accents, were tied in with the purpley-maroons in the flowers.  It all tied together so seamlessly.  Plus, you can't get a more stunning display, then from the balcony of in the main hall.

After I pulled them away for a few more minutes, they found some alone time....

 Plenty of laughter and tears from the Father of the Bride, Maid of Honor, and Best Man.  In the unique set up, the Bride and groom where placed in the center of the room with all their loved ones surrounding them, during the reception.

 As promised, the Father of the Bride had a special surprise awaiting the Bride and Groom.  He, as well as the groom, Hudson, were Glee Club alumni and he arranged the current club to sing as entertainment while dinner was served.  True to form, while they started on the balcony, they entertained from the main floor and full of antics. 

And while we have a balcony, why not get a giant, sweeping shot of all the guests together?  For the bride, I'll gladly lose my voice and act a fool.  LOL  Not easy to get hundreds to look my direction!

The area that began as cocktail hour, was conveniently transformed into a late night bite to eat. 

 I just couldn't get enough of these two.  Their beaming smiles said it all throughout the evening.


Party time!  Their friends and family showed up in full force to celebrate these two!
I have to admit I had a blast!

See? As I said in Part 1 of this blog, these three are just adorable.


What a fun, beautiful, memorable evening to celebrate Hudson + Natalie.  Thank you again for allowing me to have a part in your wedding day.  From your dress, to details, to graciousness of everyone, and most of all - YOU TWO - it made my job that day so easy.
Thank you to Two Foot Creative for pulling this all together beautifully.
 Hudson + Natalie, I hope your images are a treasure for you and your families for a lifetime. 

God bless you on your journey together!

~ Kelly

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hudson + Natalie @ UMMA | Part 1 | Ann Arbor, MI Wedding Photographer

Hudson + Natalie
A beautiful fall day in November brought me to one of my favorite places to shoot weddings, during my favorite time of year: Ann Arbor, Mi!   Beside being super excited to see the groom's family, of whom I've known many years, I was also revved up by all the plans this couple had talked to me about for their wedding.  One of them being that the reception was at the beautiful UMMA (University of Michigan Museum of Art).  Natalie, the bride, was originally from the area, but she and her fiance were both working in Chicago.  Lucky for me, she needed the long-distance assistance from Ana at Two Foot Creative!  The bride also chose lovely, rich colors that just popped on the golden fall day.  My second shooter, Kristy, and I had our cameras clicking at every turn.  Joyful people, gorgeous surroundings, and a peaceful bride who knew everything was under control! 

Enjoy a few shots from the day!

Natalie, her mom & sister, could not be a cuter family.  There are SO many pictures of their bright smiles - their love just beamed all day long!
I couldn't forget this proud daddy...

Natalie's gift to her beautiful bridesmaids were their own statement earrings that were all uniquely different...and her maid of honor, her sister, received an stunning necklace.  What a fun way to have your bridesmaid be individuals, and yet, all coordinate!

Thankfully, these two photos mask a little bit how WINDY it was pre-ceremony!

Even though the guys always seem to have it easy, the groom, Hudson, and 3 of his brothers had to choose from some precious tie tacks that belonged to their grandfather.  His mom brought them as a special surprise.

The guys lookin' fly in the courtyard of the church.  It was no small feat hiding the bride from this big crew.  It was kind of like playing sardines...  lol

The ceremony was held in the beautiful, historic First Baptist Church of Ann Arbor. 

 I just loved the details of their program.


It really never, ever gets old.  That moment of father walking his baby down the aisle, 
and the groom getting a glimpse of his bride as the people part the way.  
Always sniffing away tears and back to business!

This beautiful, old building must have so many stories held in its walls.  
Watching another story being written is always a privilege.

 ...And you may kiss your bride!

It is always an honor to walk alongside a family on one of the most important and beloved days of their lives.  I have known the Rowlands since I was in 3rd grade and I have been blessed two photograph to family weddings.  They are so loyal and sweet and Sandy has been blessed with children (and children-in-law!) that honor and bless, not only her, but the memory of their dad, Larry, who was my pastor growing up.

To top that off, meeting Natalie's family that day was like meeting old friends!  They were beyond gracious and giving, and their love for each other was so sweetly evident.  It was clear they were thrilled to add to their family.  Natalie & Hudson, how blessed you are to have this legacy!

Okay, okay, I'll stop the goopy, gushy stuff!

The portraits, the reception, and more fun are in the next post.
So, to be continued....

Monday, March 3, 2014

Nate & Nat's Summer Wedding | Canton, MI | Michigan Wedding Photographer

Bovia Wedding

August 2, 2013

It is so special to be a part of a bride and groom's wedding day.  It just doesn't get old.
The excitement, the nerves, the beauty, the tears...the pure joy.
And it is even more special when it happens to be your cousin's Big Day!
I've known Natalie since she was 6, and her awesome daddy married my amazing aunt.  There were only two girls in the cousin mix, so we were extra happy to welcome she and her sister into the family! 

Now - its HER wedding day.
To HIM.  The boy from down the street.  

(Everyone join in ---  Awwwww!)

The beautiful, sunny, hot August day arrived and I am so thankful to have gotten to have those special moments with them.  They are so good together and I am SO happy for them!
Natalie's mom helps put some finishing touches, as her niece watches.  

 The ladies share a peaceful moment with God in the bride's room. 

 Above is Natalie's adorable niece; and her mommy, below, Natalie's sister is so much fun.
Giggling like only sisters do.
(Of course, I won't show you the darn bee that kept attacking us!)

And don't forget those handsome gentlemen. Behaving...for now. ;-)

As the hour approached, Natalie and Nate agreed to not see each other before the walk down the aisle. Thankfully, we found sweet little spot, an angle in the wall, where they could just hold hands and take a coveted deep breath.  They're lives together are about to begin!

The Ceremony

The handsome little ring bearer road an adorable airplane, pulled by the flower girl!

Is that not the face of one very proud and happy momma?

Another moment that never gets old: The bride and the 2 loves of her life, both breathlessly adoring her.  One giving and one receiving.

More family affair... my uncle performed the ceremony!

Woohoo!! Its official! (signing the license)

I had to throw in this shot of our whole family. It is not great, focused, etc. shot but I had to share it. Keep in mind, we've always had photographers in the family (my uncles Bob and Andy), so everyone is pretty well "trained" to stay put if the unexpected happens: i.e. kids.  So who's the ONLY one laughing their head off when one inevitably happens?   Me. *sigh*

The Reception

A quick moment before the reception.  Its moments like these to be thankful for on a busy wedding day!  I loved just stepping back and letting them take a moment to realize "we're married!"

Natalie and Nate had a beautiful idea to have guests write their name near their favorite verse in a Bible as part of their guest book.  At her shower, my mom and I gave her this Bible with BOTH their names engraved on it.  I thought it was such a great testament to, not only their love for each other, but for God!
So many pretty touches at the reception.  Lots of pink & lace!

A little sibling love during toasts.

The guys have... a moment.  LOL
First dance...and yea, he's singing to his bride (but only for her!).

Time for fun!  (can you spot my sweet, exhausted niece in the arms of my sister-in-law, while doing the Electric Slide? LOL)

Oh, what a night! My party-hardy kiddos and their cousins lasted well into the night.

I LOVE my family and how much fun we always have together.  Nate, you fit right in to our crew, just the way Natalie did.  Now, if you start crying during dog food commercials, like the rest of us Pughs, well, I don't know how to help ya!  (Right, Nat?  LOL)

God bless your marriage and an even more eventful 2014 (woohoo!)
Love you guys!

~ Kelly