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Nate & Nat's Summer Wedding | Canton, MI | Michigan Wedding Photographer

Bovia Wedding

August 2, 2013

It is so special to be a part of a bride and groom's wedding day.  It just doesn't get old.
The excitement, the nerves, the beauty, the tears...the pure joy.
And it is even more special when it happens to be your cousin's Big Day!
I've known Natalie since she was 6, and her awesome daddy married my amazing aunt.  There were only two girls in the cousin mix, so we were extra happy to welcome she and her sister into the family! 

Now - its HER wedding day.
To HIM.  The boy from down the street.  

(Everyone join in ---  Awwwww!)

The beautiful, sunny, hot August day arrived and I am so thankful to have gotten to have those special moments with them.  They are so good together and I am SO happy for them!
Natalie's mom helps put some finishing touches, as her niece watches.  

 The ladies share a peaceful moment with God in the bride's room. 

 Above is Natalie's adorable niece; and her mommy, below, Natalie's sister is so much fun.
Giggling like only sisters do.
(Of course, I won't show you the darn bee that kept attacking us!)

And don't forget those handsome gentlemen. Behaving...for now. ;-)

As the hour approached, Natalie and Nate agreed to not see each other before the walk down the aisle. Thankfully, we found sweet little spot, an angle in the wall, where they could just hold hands and take a coveted deep breath.  They're lives together are about to begin!

The Ceremony

The handsome little ring bearer road an adorable airplane, pulled by the flower girl!

Is that not the face of one very proud and happy momma?

Another moment that never gets old: The bride and the 2 loves of her life, both breathlessly adoring her.  One giving and one receiving.

More family affair... my uncle performed the ceremony!

Woohoo!! Its official! (signing the license)

I had to throw in this shot of our whole family. It is not great, focused, etc. shot but I had to share it. Keep in mind, we've always had photographers in the family (my uncles Bob and Andy), so everyone is pretty well "trained" to stay put if the unexpected happens: i.e. kids.  So who's the ONLY one laughing their head off when one inevitably happens?   Me. *sigh*

The Reception

A quick moment before the reception.  Its moments like these to be thankful for on a busy wedding day!  I loved just stepping back and letting them take a moment to realize "we're married!"

Natalie and Nate had a beautiful idea to have guests write their name near their favorite verse in a Bible as part of their guest book.  At her shower, my mom and I gave her this Bible with BOTH their names engraved on it.  I thought it was such a great testament to, not only their love for each other, but for God!
So many pretty touches at the reception.  Lots of pink & lace!

A little sibling love during toasts.

The guys have... a moment.  LOL
First dance...and yea, he's singing to his bride (but only for her!).

Time for fun!  (can you spot my sweet, exhausted niece in the arms of my sister-in-law, while doing the Electric Slide? LOL)

Oh, what a night! My party-hardy kiddos and their cousins lasted well into the night.

I LOVE my family and how much fun we always have together.  Nate, you fit right in to our crew, just the way Natalie did.  Now, if you start crying during dog food commercials, like the rest of us Pughs, well, I don't know how to help ya!  (Right, Nat?  LOL)

God bless your marriage and an even more eventful 2014 (woohoo!)
Love you guys!

~ Kelly

Jumping Back In!

So, apparently & obviously, having a baby takes you OUT of the loop. 
I didn't think I was all that behind in my blog.


I finally went to blog my cousins' weddings from this past year (I only did family weddings, due to Sweet Pea), and ALAS!  

 One measly post.  A quick note about Senior pictures.  OY.   I can hardly believe people still hire me!   Thank goodness for Facebook, I guess!

Well, to get you up to date, I'd love to introduce you to the newest little member of our family:

 Little Miss Sweet Pea
 Adorable, social, and chock full of personality, spunk, and determination!

She fits in quite well with our other two looney tunes! (Here are our Christmas card pics taken on a FREEZING 9 degree morning in December)
Not even a tear on that cold day! 

Crawled at 6 months, walking by 9 months.  She's quite the busy body...but she HAS to be to keep up with the older brothers. Who, by the way, are LOVING having a baby sister to dote over.  
Its funny how much girls will be girls, and boys will be boys.  We were nervous about a girl, having been so comfortable with 2 boys.   By 4 months, Sweet Pea started clinging to a dolly and giving her kisses.  Thankfully, her cousin thought to give her one at the hospital because she knew our house was only full of Hotwheels and Legos!   
We are so proud and heart full over all three of our kiddos.

Thank You!

I just wanted to add a NOTE OF THANKS to all my clients that have stuck around, patiently waiting for me to get back into business and find that loop again to jump back into!   I really didn't know how photography and baby would mix (this all started when #2 was two years old).   I was honestly reevaluating it all.   My clients, you have made it so much easier to make the transition back than I thought it would be.  I truly appreciate your patience and flexibility!

~ Kelly

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Class of 2014 Announcement! | Grand Rapids Senior Portraits

Yes, I have been in hiding for the last few months!  We have welcomed a daughter into the world, and boy has she rocked it!  We have been enthralled with her cuteness and she keeps us quite busy, as you can imagine.

As I reconfigure my business (I will be specializing in certain areas and dropping services in others), I did want to announce the first step.

I WILL continue to offer Senior portraits and will begin taking calls to schedule them in June.

If you call IN THE MONTH OF JUNE, you can take advantage of last years packages and prices.  Email me at to schedule a call or contact me on Facebook.
("Scheduling" a call is for your convenience - I'm sure you don't want to hear baby cries in the background! LOL!)

Thank you for your patience while we adjust to #3!   And thank you for all the well wishes on our new addition :-)  


Monday, November 5, 2012

Christmas Photo Card deals!

Ordered my mother-in-law's Christmas cards today!  And has some great deals, as they always do, going on in November.   If you get your card ordered now, the normally .80 per 4x8 cards are only .55!  Normally I'm a pro-lab girl all-the-way, but when it comes to consumer sites for Christmas cards, Shutterfly always has great deals.

They have TONS of cute designs, but I found out I could download my very own design as well.  (So you won't find this design on their site.)

Photo Card
View the entire collection of cards.

Make sure you check out there books and fun gifts, too.  Cards, stationary, and photo books are all 30% off right now!  ALSO, until 11/7/12  (that's 2 DAYS!), you can get $10 off of any $20 or more purchase with the coupon code "YAY4HOLIDAY".

Have fun!

Photo Card

4x8 Photo Card Print Your 4X8 Photo Card
Turn your family into a holiday card this season.
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Class of 2013 Senior Pictures! | West Michigan Photographer

Class of 2013!  Now is YOUR time!

If you haven't yet already booked your high school Senior portraits with someone, NOW is the time!

New Song Photography offers one of 2 packages for your Senior.

Small, Medium, or Large
(I know, I'm super creative, right?)

1 Hour
1 Location
2 Clothing changes
20 images
= $150

2 Hours
2 Nearby Locations
3 Clothing Changes
20 images
= $250

3 hours
2 Locations
Unlimited Changes of Clothes
Professional Make-up
20 Page, 5x7, Spiral Bound book
20 images
= $400

(c) New Song Photography

Email Kelly at
Also feel free to visit the website or Facebook to view samples of other Seniors!


July in Review | West Michigan Photographer

What a beautiful July we had in Michigan - I spent most of it near water with my 
family and enjoyed every minute. 
 Now it was also soooo hot that there were only a brave few that decided to fight the sun and have family pictures done!   And lucky me, each of these families were brand new to me this year!  So, thank you, for your business and letting me spend some time with your lovely and adorable families :-)

If you've been holding off on YOUR family pictures, stay tuned and save the date: Saturday Oct. 13, 2012.  I'll be doing a killer steal on mini-sessions!

God Bless!
~ Kelly